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About Us

Our Passion Has Always Been Design.

COMBER AND COMBER have a long history of providing professional interior and exterior design solutions for Christchurch homes and businesses, as well as connecting with clients from a variety of widespread locations. We have completed several projects for overseas clients; from complete interior design work to the stylish furnishing of a holiday home in Wanaka.

We designed our online store to give our clients access to an amazing range of exclusive wholesale products to fit every styling need. The pieces on the website were all hand chosen by designers to showcase a variety of styles and budgets to make every home uniquely stunning.

It allows clients to browse at their leisure where as previously clients would be relying on us to select for them, therefore were not exposed to our full range. If you would like further assistance on pulling your spaces together we also offer a design consultation with one of our talents interiors designers to help achieve your vision.